I study boring stuff but apart from that I like whispering sweet nothings to beautiful girls and laughing and joking and being sexy in my last year @ the big ISU (yes in the middle of nowhere)!

P.S. “Sawaal yeh nahi hai ke bar mein kitni daru hai, sawaal yeh hai ke tu kitni pee sakta hai?” — Kaante [great movie]

About the Blog? (Updated: 1/4/09)

Oh right right, well it started as a semi project when I was supposedly doing “research work” for an on-campus job sometime in mid to late 2005. I was bored one day at work and blogging was all the buzz in those early hey-days and I guess I wanted to jump on the bandwagon myself. As for why I chose WordPress? Well the IRC chans I used to hang out with had many critics of blogs but mostly of WordPress for some reason. I personally really liked the look, feel and ease of use of the blogging system here thus I setup shop here instead of Google’s Blogger etc. I chose the name ‘mostwanted’ as I was setting this up around the time the famous and my favorite game (series for that matter) Need For Speed: Most Wanted had released and was actually a really fun game. So me obviously not being all that creative decided to steal it for the time being (thinking I could easily change the name of the blog, cause I’m the sort of person that likes to do that to unsuspecting visitors – one day it’s here the next day it’s gone, well just called by a different URL :P). Turns out that kinda thing is a a no-no, probably frowned upon by the powers that be, besides my blog has a pretty cool name so it stuck.

The original “title” of the blog was the Most Known Unknown. Yeah I know, this too was inspired, by the Memphis Bleek album that released around that time of the same name. But hey I thought it made sense to me even though I realize the phrase is an oxymoron, it appealed to me on some level as I got what it was trying to convey. Basically something most people dont know about but many people who know about it, know it really well – I suppose in a way maybe I was hoping to achieve that kind of status for my blog. It didn’t help that after a few months the blog (I mean I, wait, me, err I) went into hiatus thus after the grand initial success of my ambitions here with a pretty high pagerank and all, it was lost in the pages of history (or maybe just Google search) even though it was occasionaly recessitated (days when I realized OMG I have a blog where I can express myself wowza :D) and when it finally swung back into action in the summer of 2008. Dang, what a long break you maybe saying to yourself or perhaps asking me? Well it’s a good thing I cant hear now, is it? Wait no wait, I definitely wanna hear from you, thats why this blog was created in the first place! 🙂

Anyways that’s a brief history lesson for the day, kids. Be sure to post comments and lemme know that someone out there is reading anything I write here on my blog. Also anything you’d like me to talk about or help people out (making guides etc), heck if you wanna setup your own blog or something, lemme know as well. 😉


  1. hmmmm. toh yeh hai aap kaa page…..Interesting ….. 🙂

  2. Hey you have a wonderful blog,

    I wanted to ask you something can you contact me by email?

  3. @meenu – aho, welcome ji! 🙂

    @lazyleo – umm i wud if i had ur email address. why dont u email me with w/e u wanted to ask me?

  4. SAlla, you are the one responsible for that ban :\

    Anyhow, Blog’s lukin good 😉

  5. haha u got a dupe ID with which ur in SS? saala RS… anyways me n sean tried to get u unbanned man, but admins didnt care. ;/ so blame them

  6. hey dude, you can remove my name (Anmol Iqbal Sandhu) and link from “blogroll – friends” list.. i don’t have a blog, i don’t know whose link that is!!

  7. ^ no problem, done 🙂

  8. http://www.bwtorrents.com/showpost.php?p=3412277&postcount=9


    i really am a looser and i have no life, damn i suck, i wish someone would just kill me.

  9. ^ i dont care, nobody likes you. dont come back to bwt or my site. GTFO retard.

    p.s. thats an invalid post list, it prolly got deleted for u talkin stupid again as always.

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