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Tuk Tuk USA gets DOT and EPA Approval for Rickshaws

Upon returning from a recent trip to Thailand, friends of ours related experiences of what it’s like to travel on somewhat primitive roads in somewhat primitive vehicles. Disconcerting at first, but totally acceptable after a few trips prove that it’s (relatively) safe. The vehicles of choice in Thailand, along with a bunch of other far-away locales, are Tuk Tuks, three-wheeled machines that marry the front end of a scooter to the rear end of a passenger car. Soon, you’ll be able to get one in America.

We just got an email message from Tuk Tuk North America informing us that the company has officially been granted both DOT and EPA approval for its line of Mitsubishi-powered three-wheelers. This means that the Tuk Tuk will be completely road legal here in the United States. We’re not so sure you’d want to drive one cross-country (though we understand it’s fully capable of such trips), but as an around-town errand-runner, the little scoots might work out just fine, returning an estimated 55 miles per gallon.

The Tuk Tuk will come in many different styles, ranging from a three-passenger model up to the 12-passenger hauler. In addition to the passenger vehicles, there’s a pick-up truck, dump truck, garbage truck (!), flatbed, van and even a bare chassis for DIY projects, with prices starting at just under $10,000.

[Source: Tuk Tuk USA]

Ok I’ll be honest here, while rickshaws are cool, I don’t really care if they become a big thing here in the US or not as I and most everyone I know of owns a car to get around. So yeah, why did I post this? Simple – ’cause of the girl in the image – the cutie caught my eye and I had to post it.

Speaking of cuties, the cheerleaders from this season of IPL are incredible as well. Some of them include the Mischief Gals of the RCB team.


Also wanted to get this story in but didn’t wanna post the whole thing here on my blog. So here’s an excerpt with a link to the final article! 🙂

Believe it or not, your terrifically fast Core i7 fresh off Intel’s assembly line contains DNA that dates back over three decades. The same is true if you roll with AMD’s latest silicon, the Phenom II X4. We’re of course referring to the longstanding x86 microprocessor architecture that has dominated the desktop and mobile scene since before some of you were even born, and will probably be a mainstay still yet for many more years to come.

Invented by Intel in 1978, the x86 architecture has evolved through the ages, not only getting faster, but increasingly flexible as more and more extensions and instruction sets accompany each new release. It’s been a wild ride the past 30 years, and whether you lived through it all or have only recently picked up your first processor, we invite you to join as we look back at not only the most popular x86 CPUs in its history, but ones you may never even have heard of. Of course, if we’ve missed any of your favorite CPUs, chime in on the comments section and point out any omissions!

A Brief History of CPUs: 31 Awesome Years of x86



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