Posted by: mostwanted | Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chak De India Girls

One of last year’s biggest hit, Chak De! India, one of my all time favorite Bollywood movies, catapulted 15 relatively unknown women into the limelight. But since then, we have lost touch with most of Shah Rukh Khan’s rag-tag, superb and fun hockey team.

Over a year after the film released on India’s 60th Independence Day, we catch up with some of the girls, and see what they have been up to in pictorial form. Take a look!

Sagarika Ghatge (Preeti Sabharwal)

Shilpa Shukla (Bindya Naik)

Anaitha Nair (Aliya Bose)

Shubhi Mehta (Gunjan Lakhani)

Raynia Mascerhanas (Raynia Fernandes)

Seema Azmi (Rani Dispotta)

Arya Menon (Gul Igbal)


  1. hi
    i am so glad that i found ur blog and about these wonderful girls
    i have one question, do u know where the named aliya bose in chak de india lives?
    i saw a girl who look like her for 100% in my college, and i live in usa, state new york, maybe i saw her, can u give me more information about her, bcs i coundt find that much online
    thank you

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