Posted by: mostwanted | Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steve Carell Signs On For Three More Years of The Office!

Today the angels looking down on Scranton, Pennsylvania are crooning “Beers in Heaven”. Steve Carell has signed on to star as Dunder Mifflin’s quasi-top dog, Michael Scott, on NBC’s The Office for three more years. An understandably elated, Ricky Gervais, broke the news on his blog.

Steve Carell (now one of the most bankable film stars in the world) has just signed up for another three years with us. He is the hardest working man in Hollywood and the harder he works the better it is for me. I mean well done Steve you are wonderful. Steve had to do months of that in Evan Almighty and I heard he didn’t complain once. He is a very nice man and deserves all his success.

Gervais went on to mention 2009’s The Office spin-off starring Aziz Ansari but kept mum*. The news is a welcome surprise given Carell’s consistent box office draw in hit comedies (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine), sleeper dramas (Dan in Real Life) and passable summer fare (Get Smart). That this rare flexibility has worked out so well on both sides was no doubt a contributing factor in the deal. Why not celebrate by picking up some cupcakes on sale at the grocery store during your lunch break to cheer up your office‘s fluorescent-lit hangout room? “That’s what she said!” is going nowhere. 😉

NBC ordered a fifth season consisting of 28 half-hour segments. Season 5 will premiere on its usual Thursday night spot later this month on September 25th, with a double episode, one hour special. 😀 BTW, here’s a teaser/promo from the upcoming season to get you hyped up a bit for yet another fantastic series. 🙂

*EDIT: in August 2008 NBC decided that a special hour-long episode of The Office would be shown instead of the spin-off during that time slot. The spin-off will take audiences on “another comic journey, complete with new faces and new locations, but with the same unique sense of humor and brand of quality from Daniels and his creative team. It’s the next chapter of what viewers have come to know and love about The Office“. Rashida Jones, who plays Karen Filippelli, is rumored to be in the spin-off. Aziz Ansari, from Human Giant, is also being reported to appear in the spin-off. In July of 2008, comedienne Amy Poehler, of Saturday Night Live and Baby Mama fame, also announced her role in the upcoming spin-off. Some more info here.


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