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Taare Zameen Par Official DVD OUT!!

The cover is designed as if a thick school book containing Ishaan’s flip book, exclusive prints of Ishaan’s final painting, Nikumbh sir’s final painting, and a pencil with octopus dancing merrily, besides the DVDs of the film and its special features. Released by UTV Home Entertainment, Taare Zameen Par DVD is a connoisseur’s delight.

What’s so special
* Making of the film:

It is easily one of the best makings of any movie in recent times. No, it’s not a hastily put together rag tag bunch of interviews conducted before a chroma. It chronicles the entire process of filmmaking right from the script reading session to the ‘creative differences’ between Aamir and Amole, the insecure nervousness of the first shot, the triumphant shoot in Chembur home of Ishaan thereafter, the change in paradigm with the Panchagani leg of important portions, difficulty and simplicity of shooting with kids, what makes Darsheel Safary a gifted actor (Aamir describes him as one of this best actors he has worked with or seen in action), the process of recording the songs (in a Mumbai studio) and then the background score in Aamir’s mansion in Panchagani (make shift studio was created far from the hustle bustle time-sapped Mumbai and the way Khan explains his requirements have to be seen to be believed).

Important insight is also given into why 2D Animation was preferred over the supposedly advanced 3D version in a particular scene, the mechanism of claymation artistry (the title sequences where the insects, octopuses, birds, fishes search for their space) is an exciting proposition, the peep into the powerful water colour world of renowned artiste Sameer Mondal is a revelation…The Making of Taare Zameen Par is over an hour long but still it’s as gripping as the film is. It tells you that any art form doesn’t merely rely on precise technical knowledge; it’s the subtle sensitive touch, the heightened passion in your beliefs that elevates a good idea to being a great reality. Director and Editor of this ‘Making’, Shweta Venkat’s effort must be lauded. Incidentally, she’s also one of the camera persons capturing myriad moments.

* Deleted Scenes
There are seven deleted scenes along with Aamir’s explanations why they were deleted from the film. Each one has been given a name like Loo Bully, Ishaan Cries etc. It was good that the scene Nikumbh’s House was deleted because as a school teacher (with no known references of being born with a silver spoon), Nikumbh couldn’t have afforded a lavish house and a !!!!gner laptop.

* Audio CD of Background Score
The twenty two sequences that have been put together are exceptional examples of brilliant craftsmanship. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy take a bow! The music arrangements are meticulous and the melody augments the mood. Special mention has to be made about Loy’s display of mastery while playing Harmonica at several junctures. A heartwarming bonus for one-n-all.

* English Subtitles
This will enable the film to reach out to a cross section of people all over the world who shall benefit from its novel spirit.

Mild examples of self indulgence

* Audio Commentary
The first DVD contains two versions of the film. The first one has an Audio Commentary by Aamir Khan while the second one lets the film unfold itself on its own. Now when you’ve seen-n-heard so much about the entire process of filming from start to finish (a lot of it from Aamir himself) in the Making of the film, then what’s the point in piecing a film together with details of every single shot starting from the initial credits till the end. It’s an exercise in self indulgence which could have been avoided.

* Panel discussion on children
Aamir moderates a tireless discussion between four experts on children behaviour, dyslexia and the kind of mental traumas that afflict children. At a running time of over 40 minutes, it’s an exercise in hard selling a ‘message’ which is needless. The reason why Taare Zameen Par is a phenomenal film is in its unique ability ‘not to preach’ but just let things unfold at their own pace. It is entertaining for most parts and even when you cry during poignant moments in the film, those are satiating tears of self identification and empathy with what the characters are going through. Enough awareness about Dyslexia has been created through the film and we don’t want Aamir Khan to turn a TV anchor telling the world what needs to be done.

Extra features
* Promos
* Trailers
* Stills

Technical Details
* 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen format
* Running time: 156 min
* Dolby Digital 5.1

🙂 I absolutely loved this movie and can’t wait to get my hands on this special DVD! 😀


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