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Friends movie finally in the works? Guess Not Yet

Like it or loathe it, there’s no denying that NBC’s Friends was a television phenomenon. Groups of television viewers would gather around the boob tube each and every Thursday night from the spring of 1994 to the fall of 2004, wondering whether Rachel and Ross would ever get together (spoiler: They do!), what stupid and funny thing Joey will say next (’cause he’s a model!), and what quirky song Phoebe would sing next (I hope it’s about a cat!).

Rumors of a Friends movie have popped up ever since the show went off the air in 2004, but none have been stronger than those that surfaced today. Several UK sites today are reporting that the ball is once again rolling to get a Friends movie into production, with most pointing toward the recent success of the Sex and the City film as the catalyst (over $130 million domestically at the box office will change a studio executive’s mind).

Citing “insiders,” The Daily Mail says a Friends movie will hit theaters within the next 18 months and will reunite all six main members of the cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry.

Apparently Aniston, once believed to be “too famous” to reprise her role as Rachel, is leading the charge in getting the movie made.

One source, who evidently believes he/she has a full grasp on Jennifer Aniston’s psyche, speculates, “As the biggest star of the Friends franchise, Jennifer can’t help but look at what’s happened with Sarah Jessica Parker and the Sex and the City film and be a little jealous.”

Another UK site, ContactMusic, is reporting that the main cast members could stand to get some serious cash from the movie–upwards of $19 million each.

And so it begins–the march of comedy hits to the big screen because Sex and the City surprised everyone at the box office.



That is freaking awesome news, I absolutely loved this epic sitcom which actually made NBC barebale and watchable. I cant wait for a Friends movie as I’m sure it will be great nor can I finally wait for the main cast of 6 to unite back again after a while. 😀

Oh and Happy 4th of July everybody! 😉



There are no plans for a rumoured big-screen version of Friends, film studio Warner Bros has told the BBC. Since the success of the Sex and the City movie, there has been constant speculation that the US sitcom’s six stars had agreed to their own film. One UK press report even suggested that the first scenes would be shot within the next 18 months. However, Warner Bros’ director of publicity in the UK, Jayne Trotman, said there was “no truth in the story”. Ever since the quipping sextet – Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc – parted ways four years ago there have been rumours of a reunion.

‘Right circumstances’

Earlier this week, an unnamed source was quoted as saying: “Jennifer, Courtney and the rest of cast are keen to reprise their roles, under the right circumstances. “The success of Sex and the City has really got their wheels spinning about how a Friends film could be just as big, if done right.” But Cox Arquette’s publicist, John Fogelman, told the BBC he did not know of any plans for a film. Matthew Perry’s spokesperson, Lisa Kasteler, added: “Nothing is happening in this regard, so the rumour is false.”

The final episode of Friends drew a US audience of 52.5m, while 8.6m viewers watched it in the UK. The movie version of Sex and the City took $55.7m (£28.3m) in its opening weekend at the US box office – a record for an R-rated comedy.

Source: BBC News



  1. thats too bad.

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