Posted by: mostwanted | Friday, June 27, 2008

Energy, Fuel, Power & Consumption

In less than 7 years, Mercedes-Benz plans to ditch petroleum-powered vehicles from its lineup. Focusing on electric, fuel cell, and biofuels, the company is revving up research in alternative fuel sources and efficiency.

The German car company has a few new powertrains in the line-up that European journalists have had the opportunity to test out in their facility in Spain. One vehicle includes the F700, powered by a DiesOtto engine that combines HCCI and spark ignition to get nearly the same efficiency as diesel, but minus the expensive after-treatment systems. The engine can run on biofuels, and we may have a purchasable vehicle by 2010 – a year that seems to be popular for the debut of a lot of new alternative fuel car models, making ’08 and ’09 simply thumb-twiddling years for consumers. I don’t know, maybe car makers just like the roundness of “2010.” The company’s next big step will be to launch a Smart electric car which is fuel and emission-free.

Anyway, Mercedes is looking into electric vehicles, both battery powered and fuel cell powered. Not only are models in development, but we’ve also seen the company making steps towards their zero petroleum goal right now, from better cabs in London to Li-Ion battery improvements. The company also has about 100 Smart electric cars undergoing testing in London, with that favorite 2010 year as the projected market release date. Mercedes is making serious investments, already putting nearly $4 million into the pot of their long-term Sustainable Mobility plan, with another nearly $1.4 billion going in before 2014.

While the folks over at Benz move away from the Internal Combustion Engine, there are yet those others who believe – Low Cost Gas Engine Innovation Doubles Fuel Economy.

I don’t care who you are, now this right here is a piece of marvelous beauty.

Revetec, a little known company from the Gold Coast region of Australia, may be on to something huge: they’ve created an engine that is 50% smaller, 50% lighter, has 50% lower emissions and is cheaper to manufacture than a conventional internal combustion engine of the same horsepower. Oh yeah, did I mention that it doubles the fuel economy too.

What that means is a car like the 2007 Toyota Yaris, which is rated at 40 mpg on the highway, would get 80 mpg with a Revetec engine.

Then there are many other’s who feel traditional cars are here to stay and are instead jumping on – Cheap Used Cars Make A Comeback

Gas prices aren’t the only thing going up these days. Prices for used hybrids and more fuel-efficient small cars have risen dramatically in the past six months.

A shortage of new, popular and fuel-efficient vehicles has sparked interest and a surge in demand for older, fuel-efficient models in the used-car market. The same cars that were cheaper and virtually ignored last year are now selling at a premium, thanks to gas prices that have topped $4 a gallon.

Additionally some people believe that all this Alternative Energy Demand [is] Fueling Growth and even otherwise there are some advocates who think that pretty soon Volcanoes could be supplying up to 25% of all US power needs.

All I know is that picture is very cool, and that whatever the future holds for us, we will be here eagerly awaiting it. Can’t escape being a part of it either now can we? 🙂


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