Posted by: mostwanted | Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Guessed It, I’m Back

Alright so here we go again, gonna give my beloved blog site another shot and try to update all that has happened or changed in the near past. We’ll I got a haircut this week, now that summer is here in full force with temps almost reach the 85°+ mark lately, I literally have a cool top now. 😉

So classes ended the first week of May and I’ve just been chilling and working last couple months. I’m probably gonna head back to Texas at the end of July. In the meanwhile I’m enjoying my new favorite TV show, the legendary Top Gear from BBC. I started off with the Best Of from Season 10 when I noticed it a few months back at the conclusion of said season. Well actually technically my first glimpse of this great show was inspired by this post – Top Gear – The Great Adventures US Special. And after I saw this, I completely fell in love with this amazing and hilarious show. Since then I’ve been going in reverse order, I started watching all of Season 10, then Season 9 and so and so forth. Today I’m gonna start watching Season 4 :D. Also as y’all might be aware, Season 11 of this show has already kicked off, and the 2nd ep of the series airs this coming Sunday.

What’s a hot summer day without a refreshing sip of your favorite drink? I don’t mean to advertise or nothing cause I certainly am not getting paid for this, but these are the double trouble drops of absolute bliss I’ve been sipping on lately.

Anyways as I’m sure you must have noticed, I’ve got a brand-spanking-new theme to go along with the revival of my blog. Kinda sorta like literally coming out of the “dark” ages. 😉 You’ll also notice some new functionality added to my blog: on your right side, I’ve updated old non-working links, added new links for the sites I’ve come to like since my last update, a VodPod section which has random videos, a random Flickr photos gallery, and another stats sub-section to show the sites I get my most referral hits from. Lemme know what you think of the site in the comments sections, and also lemme know if there might be other things you’d like to see on the site.

In yet other news the great and legendary, award winning long time standup comedian George Carlin died this past Sunday at the age of 71 due to a heart attack in a hospital in Santa Monica, CA. [CNN] Very sad indeed, we all will miss his quriky comedy, his energy on stage and no non-sense no bullshit approach to life that made his comedic timing so perfect. 😦 Time to que up some classic Carlin on my iTunes. Also the world’s most famous nerd, Bill Gates, plans to step down from his former role @ Microsoft to concentrate full time on his Foundation with his wife Melinda. [CNET]

Also a few days back Opera released a brand new kick ass browser with their v9.5 release and I thought it was absolutely the best browser ever made by all of mankind. [DiGG] But boy was I in for bit of a shock, when just a few days later the much awaited v3 of FireFox released and blew my mind. [SpreadFirefox] I’m using it full-time now, away from the crappy FF2 that I quit using a while back and the horrible IE/Maxathon etc that I was forced to use in the meanwhile. FF3 is simply great in every which way, it’s super fast, super reliable, everything just simply works, most of my previous addons are also now compatible AND it’s not a slow, crappy memory hog anymore. I love it, I’ve put it through testing hell since I upgraded and I’m very pleased with what the folks over at Mozilla have come up here with over 15,000 improvements in this version. Now I can’t wait until v3.5 or heck even v4 comes out! 😀

Check this article out as well – Why You Will Love FireFox 3?

Firefox 3


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