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23rd March, 1931 Shaheed

The day, March 23rd, exactly 75 years ago was the same day Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru were executed by the imperialist British India government. Their final words were “Inquilab Zindabad” or “Long Live the Revolution!” (for Indian Independence). It is needless to say that these three stalwarts laid the strongest foundation for the Indian (as well as Pakistani) Azaadi (freedom). Let us take a moment to pay our tributes to them by way of remembering them.

I realize there were countless others, leaders and followers, who went to jail, tolerated the pain and injustice inflicted on them by the Brits and died for India. Let us also remember all of them for they will be immortal. Vande Mataram!


Two great google video presentations on India:-
{ Spirit of India :: If the question is: What is India? The answer will always be: WE, THE PEOPLE! }


Following is an online presentation about India’s Golden Quadrilateral National Highway Reconstruction project as reported on the New York Times web-article.

New York Times Special :: Building a Superhighway – The ‘Goldern Quadralateral’
Article ~ Mile by Mile, India Paves a Smoother Road to Its Future
{ PS: You might have to register to read the article… but dont worry, it’s free! }

In 1999, the Indian Government began a 15-year reconstruction project to widen and pave some 4,000-6,000 miles of narrow, decrepit national highways. With the first leg, budgeted at $6.25 billion, to be largely complete by next year. It amounts to the most ambitious infrastructure project since Indian independence in 1947 and the British building of the subcontinent’s railway network a century before that. More jagged than geometric, the four- & six-lane quadrilateral’s 3,625 miles run through 13 states and India’s four largest cities: New Delhi, Kolkatta (Calcutta), Chennai (Madras) and Mumbai (Bombay).

The plan is to make these super highways par upto world standards. Borrowing, in essence, from the American Interstate construction which began about 50 years ago, the completed parts of these highways look no different from the open freeways of the west. Ofcourse “automobile traffic” isnt such a big deal outside of the city in India. Its the other things the speeding motorists with their new found glory must watch out for.

My personal experiences? Well, when I’m travelling for extended distances in India, I usually fly. But on one occasion my cousin and I took a bus thru DTC (Delhi Transport Company) from Udaipur to New Delhi last summer on my family visit. So I’ve been on the national highway all the way from southern Rajasthan to the state capital – Jaipur in the north. Then thru the state of Haryana and then all the way to Delhi. It really was an amazing journey. I was shocked at how much things had changed in the five years since I’d last been to India. The “National Highway Authority of India” is really doing a good job revamping the country’s highways anyways. All I can say is I’m proud to be an Indian. Mera Bharat Mahan :: Jai Hind!


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