Posted by: mostwanted | Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Punjab Times Headlines

. 😀

* India wins Cricket match; 120 people die of shock

* Bihar sold to Pakistan: Literacy soars up to 86% in India & 50% in Pakistan

* Self-immolation best bet to reduce population: Dept. of Family Planning

* Population Statistics: 42% – Literate, 58% – Politicians

* MF Hussian paints Mulayam Singh Yadav nude

* Flood in Bihar; 2 die of thirst

* India wins Gold in India vs. Rest Of India Games

* Poverty to be eradicated in India using Virtual Reality Software

* Laloo Prasad Yadav to be made a National Animal

* Ramar Pillai produces Pottasium Permanganate from Rice, Water, a stick and some Potassium Permanganate

* No bombings in Kashmir today

* Suit filed holding Sharad Pawar responsible for Battle of Panipat, 1526

* Doctorate conferred on Jayalalitha for completing 6 months in Jail

* Death penalty upheld for Attempted Suicide victim

{ kyonki DiL APNA PUNJABi !! }


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