Posted by: mostwanted | Monday, February 13, 2006

One Corny Post coming right up

Do you know what Family is? Do you really understand the meaning behind the word Family?

The meaning of FAMILY:


Why does a man need a WIFE? 😀 Because:

W = Washing
I = Ironing
F = Food
E = Entertainment

Why does a woman want a HUSBAND? 😉 Because:

H = Housing
U = Understand
S = Sharing
B = Buying
A = And
N = Never
D = Demanding

Do you know what a simple HELLO can mean to someone?

H = How are you?
E = Everything all right?
L = Like to hear from you.
L = Love to talk to you.
O = Obviously, I’ve missed you!


Probably very old, I know, whatever. Anyways everyone please leave some comments, I would love to hear from you. They can be anything thats even remotely related to my posts (new or old) or whatever else is on your mind at any given moment. I would really appreciate them. In other news I’m gonna start two new pages (you see the top links on the right hand side, yeah over there) for a) My Bookmarks & b) Chain Mail. The bookmarks or my favorite links are gonna be posted so that I can share with everyone the awesome things I come across the internet and all its offerings. It will also serve as a permanent record/collection of everything semi-cool that is worth saving, for whenever I want, and accessible from anywhere on the web. The chain mail page will serve some comedic relief to this blog and will also gimme the chance to share with y’all most of the (good and bad) chain mail sent to me over the years. Be on the look out for these and more changes!


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