Posted by: mostwanted | Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Weekend Movie Mania

So another weekend went by and I got a chance to watch a few more movies I was looking forward to seeing. Including Shikhar, Zinda and Bluffmaster.

“Bluffmaster is pretty good. Don’t know why it’s been panned in most quarters. I thought it was a lot more honest than many other Bollywood films – the ones that almost seem to feel guilty about letting their characters have too much fun, and stick in some faux-moralising every now and then. (Bunty aur Babli being a good example.) There are elements of that in Bluffmaster: at the end of the film it’s clear that the Abhishek Bachchan character, a con man, has been through a therapeutic experience – but there’s also something about his crooked, knowing smile that makes you wonder if there’s another twist just around the corner.

The film incorporates elements from David Fincher’s The Game (with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn) and the underappreciated Nicholas Cage-starrer Matchstick Men (in fact Abhishek’s character even has the same name as Cage’s – Roy) – but it isn’t a shameless rip-off by any means. However, if you’ve seen either of those movies, you’ll probably figure out what the big twist in this one is. I’m not saying any more.

Boman Irani, fine actor though he is, didn’t completely cut it for me in his role as a homily-dispensing doctor. But Ritesh Deshmukh as Roy’s sidekick (a role as nicely written and performed as Arshad Warsi’s Circuit in Munnabhai MBBS) and Nana Patekar as a self-worshipping bad guy were delightful to watch, and Abhishek was better than I’ve ever seen him before (certainly much better than his overly solemn turn in Sarkar). Priyanka Chopra was, well, there.”

{ from Jabberwock ~ Jai Arjun Singh }

Exactly my sentiments, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. As far as Shikhar goes, it was strictly ok. Nothing new or much different about the movie/story/acting/music. It’s watchable once especially if you’re bored like me. And lastly Zinda, now this was a great movie. I’m a big fan of Sanjay Gupta films (prev. Khauff, Kaante, Musafir) and Sanjay Dutt cause he’s a great actor. But this movie was truly ground-breaking in every which way for Bollywood. I’m not saying it was original, because it certainly wasn’t. Zinda takes its inspiration or rather is copied from the recent Korean masterpiece film Oldboy (which I highly recommend watching as well).


Shikhar: C+


Zinda: B+


Bluffmaster: B+

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