Posted by: mostwanted | Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bangalore to be re-named Bengaluru

“If Bombay could become Mumbai, Madras could become Chennai and Calcutta into Kolkata, could the country’s IT hub, Bangalore lag behind?

Bangalore in Anglicised form, will be known as Bengaluru, as pronounced in Kannada.

Chief Minister N Dharam Singh told reporters in Gulbarga on Sunday that he had asked the chief secretary to take steps for renaming Bangalore.

He said Kannadigas were calling the city as Bengaluru but taking an Anglicised form, it became Bangalore.

Dharam recalled that a suggestion to call the city as Bengaluru had emanated at a meeting of prominent Kannada litterateurs he had called recently to seek their views on celebrating the golden jubilee of the formation of the state of Karnataka.”

{ News article @ Rediff }

Well interesting news, I personally dont agree that every damn city should start changing their names according to how it is pronounced in the regional languages. Oh well, I guess to each their own.


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