Posted by: mostwanted | Monday, November 28, 2005


1. KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. Your college peers and future business partners/co-workers don’t want to see your ass or titties.

2. THiS iS NOT BLACKPLANET. Please stick to the name that you were given at birth. People don’t have time to be searching for a “Sexual Chocolate” when your real name is Mike.

3. STOP WRiTiNG “i DON’T READ” in your favorite book section. Being stupid to be cool went out in 8th grade. We’re all in college so there’s no need to fake your ignorance.

4. MESSAGES ON FACEBOOK ARE NOT THE SAME AS ‘AiM’ and should not be used in the same way. So, no emails to members of the opposite sex with simply, “What’s good?”. Be specific if you would like to know information about a person.

5. POKiNG CAN ONLY GO SO FAR! If you have been poking a person for a week and they STILL have yet to send you a message or add you as a friend, it’s time to get a life and leave them alone.

6. Let me be clear: THiS iS NOT AN iNTERNET “DATiNG SiTE”. So please don’t send messages like, “I’m tryna chill with you.”, “What you doing tonite?” or “Can I be your Man/Woman?”. You sound desperate and insincere. It makes one also doubt your dating life in the real world.

7. Counteracting #6, don’t join groups that are labeled “SEX! SEX! SEX!”, “I give head/orgasms”, or any personal sexual interests and then become irate when you get messages referring to them.

8. PUTTiNG PENiSES ON PEOPLE’S WALLS who are members of the same sex as you is very questionable. If you’re heterosexual, PLEASE REFRAiN. Also, if you’re a woman doing this, you look dumb (unless of course, there’s something you’re not telling anybody).

9. BE COMFORTABLE iN YOUR OWN SKiN. Do not post pictures of celebrities that you wish you looked like in your profile. We know this is not you, and after awhile people will start thinking that you must be ugly as hell in real life.

10. FiNALLY, This is a site for college students to mingle and meet others from their/other colleges. Do not get mad at your boy/girlfriend’s friends when they write something flattering on his/her wall. Be secure with your relationship and realize that no one is trying to steal your man/woman over FaceBook. DON’T TAKE iT SO SERiOUSLY!


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